After more than 10 years of experience in an important and internationally renown contemporary art gallery in Paris, Jerome Pauchant has now opened his own gallery in the dynamic and growing district of le Haut-Marais in Paris, with the will to defend artists who wish to explore the limits of the creation whatever medium they use or origins they have.   Firmly anchored in today’s society and concerned with initiating a dialogue with its environment, the gallery multiplies proposals in the public space through special events and projects. The Galerie Jerome Pauchant is most of all concerned with presenting the protagonists of a meaningful work that includes the heritage of the past as much as react to the contemporary world from which it emerges. Its choices are mainly driven by the artists’ radical reactions to their time, such as the famous encounter more than a century ago between an artist and a propeller…   In addition to this deliberated risk-taking, it presents some very young artists whose often impetuous experimentations lead to audacious proposals besides renown artists. Simultaneously, with the wealth of his professional experience in the art market, Jerome Pauchant actively undertakes missions of artistic direction consultancy for private companies as well as institution’s or private collection and curating advisory.