In Olympe Racana-Weiler’s work, the emotion comes from the generous outburst of color and material. Iridescent ink, acrylic, gravelled pigments, low-quality oil, high-quality oil, polyurethane, signage paint and enamelled spray, corrosive products, lithographic ink: all confront themselves, are overlaid, pushed away or attracted to each other. Such a dialogue makes the painting a pictorial organism which, in the artist’s hands, evolves from within. Sometimes an unexpected figure appears, is guessed, surges.


This is what it is about in Olympe Racana Weiler’s paintings: emanation. She theoretically refuses everything, every preconceived idea of the work, any restraint within the course of creation. The canvas is a neutral plan which becomes the support for an internal world taken in its own unpredictable fluctuations and wanted as such. This suggests an effort of life, a great modesty and a lot of demand in the artistic process.


Let’s erase all from the past, Let’s witness emergence, in a pictorial space, the non-thought, the non-said, the unpredictable. Let’s be taken by the swirl of creation, the dizziness of colours and materials.