Indrikis GELZIS (1988)

Lives and works in New York, USA / Riga, Latvia / Antwerp, Belgium

2015 - 2016 HISK - Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Gent, Belgium
2012 - 2014 Latvian Academy of Art, Department of Visual Communication; MA
2011 - 2012 ArtEZ institute of the Arts. Media department. Enschede, Holland
2018 (Current) - “The Man on the Moon”. Together with Adja Yunkers. Belenius Gallery. Stockholm, Sweden
2017 - Rest and vest. Vartai gallery. Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 - Aeolian Breath. Tallinas street 10. Riga, Latvia
2017 - Between the sheets. Cinnnamon gallery. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2017 - Sky's The Limit. Hole Of The Fox. Antwerp, Belgium
2017 - Tastes Like Headaches. Indrikis Gelzis and Adam Cruces with Louisa Gagliardi. kim? Contemporary art centre. Riga, Latvia.
2015 - Two unexpected visitors. "Arsenals" Creative studio. National Art Museum of Latvia. Riga, Latvia
2015 - Patiently becoming a sculpture. MVT. Riga, Latvia.
2015 - We have a thing in common. Vartai gallery. Vilnius, Lithuania.
2014 - Specifying interpretations on a single individual. Riga Art space. Intro space. Riga, Latvia.
2013 - Blind sounds. Entrance gallery. Prague, Czech
2012 - The Meeting. KIM? Contemporary Art Centre. Riga, Latvia
2012 - Blind sounds. KIM? Contemporary Art Centre. Riga, Latvia
2011 - Lost in eyeshot. Cesis, Latvia
2017 - "NNN". Group exhibition. National Art Museum of Latvia. Riga, Latvia
2017 - Monsone. Suprainfinit gallery. Bucharest, Romania. Curated by Domenico De Chirico
2017 - Wholesome Environment. Lundgren gallery. Palma, Spain
2017 - Lockers V2 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Netherland. Curated by Diego Diez
2017 - Form Cannibalism. The Stable. Waregem, Belgium
2016 - The Empty Fox Hole. HISK final show. Ghent, Belgium. Curated by Philippe Van Cauteren
2015 - SIlence between fences. "A bigger peace, a smaller peace". Latvian Railway History Museum. Riga, Latvia.