Born in 1985, Ghent, Belgium (BE)

Lives and works in Ghent, Belgium (BE)




scholarships” / residency NYC - Flemish Community


scholarships” — Flemish Community


Provinciale Prijs Beeldende Kunst Oost-Vlaanderen” nomination prize — (B)

“Young Belgian Painters Award” — selected for prize — Bozar (B) “Bnp Paribas Young Talent Award” — first prize winner (B)
“scholarships” — Flemish Community
“Prix Médiatine” — selection (B)

“scholarships” — Flemish Community “Artcontest” — selection (B)
“Gaverprize” — first prize winner (B)


“Input Output” — selection (Be)




Nothingcomparestoyou’ duoshow with Frederik Van Simaey – De Garage (BE)


‘groupshow’ – Van De Weghe gallery (BE) Joan Van Barneveld, Nicolas Lachance, Manor grunewald
‘Code’ – art fair (DK)  represented by Berthold Pott gallery
‘A full open hand, drippings and careful masked lines’ groupshow – Jacob Bjorn gallery (DK) ‘Texas Contemporary art fair’ represented by FIFI Projects (USA)




‘Pinky Swear’ — Berthold Pott gallery Cologne (DE)

‘duoshow’ with Johanna Von Monkiewich – NADA / Art Cologne (DE)

‘Stand-Inn****’ — Johannes Vogt gallery New York (US)

‘Incubate’ with Simon Laureyns — Incubate festival Tilburg (NL)

‘Concrete’ with Jugoslav Mitevski — Geukens & De Vil Knokke (BE)

‘What’s the trick Rennie?’ — Frans Masereel Centrum Kasterlee (BE)

‘Glances Closer To Blindness’ —  RH Contemporary gallery New York (US) Vera Kox, Manor Grunewald — Duve gallery Berlin (DE)

‘Rennie’ — Frans Masereel Centrum Kasterlee (BE)

‘Like / Share’ Olivier Kosta Tefhaine, Manor Grunewald — JeanRoch dard gallery Brussels (BE) ‘Organic Mess’  — Ludlow Studios New York (US)

“The Man That Bends Rivers” — Heimat projectspace Antwerp (B)

“Unhelpful hunt - (ze hat is not mine, i only triyng it on for size) — Gallery Chaplini Cologne (DE) “One day she hears her voice calling her to the attic” — Volta contemporary art fair Basel (CH) “Life’s a beach and then you die” — Gallery Fortlaan 17 Ghent (B)

“Veil of the invisible one” — Ricou Gallery Brussels (B)

“You know i’m a gambler” with Peter Puype — Turnhout (B)

“Up to maximum freedom, or down to the ant heap”— Highlight Gallery San Francisco (US) “Knock knock, who’s there? — Volta Contemporary art fair New York (US)

“The bold days of our neighbours beautiful life” — Salon Blanc Oostende (B)

“I always wanted to be David Copperfield, but i turned out to be a Painter” — Gallery Fortlaan 17 Ghent (B)

“Image Storage – Frightening Facts Of The New” — Arco Madrid (Es)

“Time is a Hard Master” — Beursschouwburg Brussel (B)

“Be confused with an utopia of crappy souls reaching out for fingerfood and love boat trips” with Lieven Segers — projectspace Wiels Brussel (B)

“Fools From The Same Kingdom” with Simon Laureyns— The Pub City Antwerp (B)

“The battery of perpectual youth” — K&K Gallery Brussels (B)

“Friendly Fire” — Secondroom Antwerp (B)

“Propose a course of action, a solution to an issue, or questions for further study” — Gallery Fortlaan 17 Ghent (B)

“Believe it or not”— Bogardenkapel Bruges (B)



‘Preparations For A Journey’ — Fifi Projects Mexico (Mex) ‘Groupshow’ — Martin Asbaek gallery Copenhangen (DK) ‘Groupshow’ — Aujourd’hui Lisbon (PT)

‘Neighbours vol.5’ — CARdrde gallery Bologna (IT) ‘(Idéale) Géographie’ — Noire gallery Torino (IT)

‘Neighbours vol. IV’ — Studio Manor Grunewald Ghent (BE)
Alexander Saenen, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Justin Morin, Manor Grunewald

‘(Idéale) Géographie’ — CAC Niort (FR)
John Roebas, Evan Robarts, Antoine Donzeaud, Olivier Kosta Thefaine, Manor Grunewald... ‘Hunted Projects’ Works on paper — LEO XIII Tilburg (NL)
Ted Gahl, Nathlie Provosty, Michael Staniak, Chris Duncan, James Krone, Manor Grunewald, Kadar Brock,‘Summertime...And the living is easy’ — Geukens & Devil Knokke (BE)
Kenneth Alme, Alain Byltereyst, Ann Veronica Janssens, Jonas Lund, Ugo Rondinone, Manor Grunewald,...
Max Frintrop, Manor Grunewald — NADA art fair New York with Berthold Pott gallery (US)

‘Volumes’ Ralf Dereich, Antoine Donzeaud , Samuel Francois , Max Frintrop, Manor Grunewald, Donna Huanca, Klaus Kleine, Tiziano Martini, Max Ruf,  Simon Laureyns, Philip Seibel, Kasper Sonne,  Keith J. Varadi, Graham Wilson, Johanna v. Monkiewitsch, Isabel Yellin — Berthold Pott Cologne (DE)
Max Frintrop, Philip Seibel, Manor Grunewald — Art Brussels with Berthold Pott gallery (BE)

- ‘Neighbours vol.1’ — Studio Manor Grunewald (BE)
Benoit Platéus, Max Frintrop, Simon Laureyns, Manor Grunewald

-‘Politics Of Surface’ part one — Berthold Pott gallery Cologne (DE)
Graham Collins, Max Frintrop, Manor Grunewald, James Krone, Israel Lund, Collin Penno, Jessica Sanders, Bas Van Den Hurk

- ‘To The Happy Few’ - JeanRoch Dard gallery Paris (FR)
Donna Huanca, Graham Wilson, Leif Ritchy, Manor Grunewald, Justin Morin, Olivier Kosta-Thefaine, Benoit Platéus, Bryan Dooley, Larissa Lockshin

-‘Based Painting’ — Croxhapox Gent
Dieter Durinck, Elke Vandekerckhove, Simon Laureyns, Julien meert, Pica Pica, Manor Grunewald,...

-‘Whatspace’ — Gerhard Hofland (NL)
Koen Delaere, Ralf Dereich, Jeroen Doorenweerd, Manor Grunewald, Basn Van Den Hurk, Daniel Schubert

‘Bien ? Ou Bien!’ — monChéri - Brussels (BE)
Gabriele Beveridge, Aline Bouvy, Hamisihi Farah, Mike Goldby, Manor Grunewald, Lucy Kim, Amando Ross Ho, Torben Ribe, Dominic Samsworth, Michael Staniak’Silvier’ — SuperDakota Gallery (BE)
Christian Vetter , Evan Gruzis, Manor grunewald

’Whatbar#14’ — New York (US)
Bas Van Den Hurk, Koen Delaere, Chris Succo, Manor Grunewald,...

’An Der Schanz’ — Chaplini / Berthold Pott gallery (DE)
Ralf Dereich, Samuel Francois, Manor Grunewald, Philip Seibel, Colin Penno, Johanna Von Monkiewitsch, Klaus Kleine

’00:00:01 A split second’ — Gallery Fortlaan 17 (BE)
Gloria Friedman, Manor Grunewald, Lawrence Malstaf, Kiki Smith, Max Pinckers,...

’Health’ — Nationale Bank Van België (BE)
Berlinde De Bruykere, Jef Geys, Thierry De Cordier, Manor Grunewald, Vincent Geyskens, Luc Tuymans

’One of a Kind’ — Gallery Fortlaan 17 (BE)
Gloria Friedmann, Pieter Laurens Mol, Jacques Charlier, Manor Grunewald,...

’The Gunshot’ — Marion De Canniere Gallery (BE)
Vincent Geyskens, Walter Swennen, Manor Grunewald, Vaast Colson, Damien Delepeleire,... ’Zou’ — SASK (BE)
Johan Grimonprez, Manor Grunewald,...

’Time to pretend’ — The White House Gallery (BE)
Yannick Val Gesto, Kasper Bosmans, Denitsa Todorova, Manor Grunewald,...

“Secret Postcards” — Maastricht (NL)
Joep Van Lieshout, Gijs Frieling, Michiel Ceulers, Philip Metten, Manor Grunewald,...

“Kaleid 2012′′ 100 artists books — London (GB)
Wuon-Gean Ho, Bart Van Dijck, Mira Sanders, Manor Grunewald, Leen Voet, Nick Morley,... “Provinciale Prijs Beeldende Kunst oost-Vlaanderen” — Caermersklooster Ghent (B)
Filip Berte, Sarah Westphal, Manor Grunewald

“Collide to reunite” — Zandhoven (B)
James Gallagher, Leigh Wells, Manor Grunewald, Tom Woestenborghs Lidy Jacobs,...

“Absence#presence” — Gallery Fortlaan 17 (B)
Eva Schlegel, Pieter Laurens Mol, Stief Desmet, Manor Grunewald,...

“En Face” — Ter Dilft (Be)
Tom Liekens, Nick Andrews, Lieven Segers,Manor Grunewald, Vadim Vosters, Geoffrey de Beer, Stefan Martens,...“Jong Vlaamse Meesters” — Hermitage Museum Amsterdam (NL)
Fia Cielen, Renato Nicolodi, Sarah & Charles, Filip Gilissen, Manor Grunewald,...

“Prix de la Jeune Peinture Belge” — Bozar Brussel (B)
David Catherall, Michiel Ceulers, Pieterjan Ginckels, Manor Grunewald, Chien-Cheng Hou, Paul Hendrikse, Kelly Schacht, Joris Van De Moortel, Cédric Van Turtelboom, Freek Wambacq

“Recidency groupshow” — Kulturbunker Frankfurt Am Main (De)

“The Hypnotic Defence” — Tokyo (Jp) Dennis Tyfus, Fia Cielen, Phillip Metten, Manor Grunewald, Eva De Leener, Jan Op De Beeck, Ryo Kuramato, Karel Wouters, Wouter Vanhaelemeesch,...

“Groupshow” — Loods 12 Wetteren (B) Vadim Vosters, Lucie Renneboog, Peter Puype, Bart Baele, Manor Grunewald, Tinka Pittoors,...

“Cuesta 10 — Tielt (B) Ruben Bellinckx, Wesley Meuris, Nick Ervinck, Stijn Vandorpe, Manor Grunewald,... “(NO)snaps” — Freemen Gallery Aardenburg (Nl) Michiel Ceulers, Koen Delaere, Linda Arts, Karen Ver- meren,
Kris Vandessel, Manor Grunewald

“Gasthoven 10 — Aarschot (B) Oxana Taran, Kris Vandessel, Manor Grunewald,...

2009“Zennestraat 17 (2)” — Zennestraat Brussels (B) Lawrence Malstaf, Stief Desmet, Manor Grunewald
“Past Present Future 2” — Gallery Fortlaan 17 Ghent (B) Jacques Charlier, Peter Greenaway, Kiki Smith, Hermann Nitsch, Manor Grunewald, Stief Desmet, Eva Schlegel...

“The Ornamental Body” — Witte Zaal Ghent (B) Charif Benhalima, Wim Delvoye, David Decat, Alexandre Estrela, Manor Grunewald, Ingrid Mwangi, Robert Hutter, Emilio Lopez- Menchero, Mariette Michaud, Lien Nollet & Fabien Delathauwer, Manfredu Schu

“Cruel Intentions” — Broelmuseum Kortrijk (B) Cindy Wright, Filip Vervaet, Frederik Heyman, Nadia Naveau, Nathalie Vanheule, Ruben Kindermans, Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, Rachel Agnew, Happy Famous Artists, Manor Grunewald

“Cabin Fever” “Private Public collectors Shack #2” — Monumental Bornem/Antwerp (B) Stief Desmet

Manor Grunewald, Hannes Van Severen, Tamara Van San, Bart Van Dijck, Hedwig, Brouckaert, Robin Vermeersch...

“Zennestraat 17” — Zennestraat Brussels (B) Lawrence Malstaf, Stief Desmet, Manor Grunewald “Panoramatic” — Espace Ladda Ghent (B)

“Private Public Collectors Shack #1” — CC De Schakel Waregem (B) Stief Desmet – Manor Grunewald

“Steven Baelen, Vadim Vosters, Manor Grunewald” — Nosbaum & reding Gallery Luxemburg

“Crox 278 GM” — Croxhapox Gent (B) Grégory Decock, Guillaume Escallier, Manor Grunewald, Nicolas Durand, Phillipe Cardoen, Pieter Bauters, Tim Onderbeke...

“Artcontest” — Blackbox Brussels (B)Thomas Bernardet, Boris Thiebaut, Tatiana Bohm, Preben Vanderstraete, Manor Grunewald,...

“Xs” — Nv Baetens Sint-Martens-Latem (B) Mehkitar Garabedian, Céline Butaye, David Neirings, Tom Boute, Griet Troch, Nele Carlier, Manor Grunewald, Youri Cruypeninck, Senta Kochaneck, Peter Van Loon “Past Present Future” — Gallery Fortlaan 17 Ghent (B) Jacques Charlier, Peter Greenaway, Kiki Smith, Hermann Nitsch, Manor Grunewald, Stief Desmet, Eva Schlegel...

“Ink” illustration — Bilbao (Sp)

“Gaverprijs” — Waregem (B) Manor Grunewald, Yasmine Willems, Evelien Hiele, Steven Baelen...

“Input Output” — De Bond Brugges (B) december 2007 Rinus van de Velde, Nel Aerts, Steven Baelen, Charlotte Lybeer, Manor Grunewald, Tinka Pittoors...

“Drawings and Papers part 2” — Gallery Grusenmeyer Deurle (B) Christophe Floré, Helen Cho, Mathias Schmied, Manor Grunewald, Frauke Plaetevoet

“Gentlemen Collective” — Gallery Arpooz Ghent (B)

“Gentlemen Collective” — Gallery Chappe Mon-Martre Paris (Fr)